Are You with Me?

Together WE will change the world,

Not alone, but together!

The legion of entrepreneurs are gathering on death ground.

And from that gathering WE will find leaders of the “3rd Class,” and I, for one, intend to be one of them.

Only heeding to the whispering of divine inspiration will “WE the people” find higher ground.

Who is with me?

WE will need to work interdependently and not merely independently–anything less will not be enough.

For in doing so we will evoke the laws of synergy.

As a member of the remnant army, WE will lead from the front as a beacon of light in the darkest of nights.

WE will need to lead from the bottom up–for the bureaucratic institution’s top down dictatorship does not work.

Are you with me?


On Capital Hill you will find this mural on the ceiling with the subscription “E pluribus unum.” You will see the phrase on our fiat money and other buildings in Washington D.C. It means “Out of many, one.” Let us become ONE and harness the power of unity.

Only by being a united people, will WE establish financial, political, physical, spiritual, and mental freedom because no establishment can.

WE will kindle health, peace, and strength in a time of turmoil that “tries men’s souls.

By lifting together all at once WE will make it possible.

Do you understand how sorely you are needed?

For it will only take a small group of creative thinkers and courageous souls to “change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” (Margaret Mead)

And IT’S the ONLY thing that ever WILL!


Who’s with me?

Although, this change is a team effort, WE believe that this reformation begins with ourselves.

For I know together we will change the world.

So I ask again…

Are you with me?

For I cannot do it alone.

(Note: these writing where inspired by the writings, speeches, and classes of Stephen Palmer and Oliver DeMille. Please see the for additional info)


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