Lift Where You Stand

I recently texted a buddy of mine in an attempt to inspire us, to live our missions, to remember our dreams, and be the movers and shakers we are meant to be. I wrote, “…just to let you know I know we will change the world. Just saying.” His response has caused me much pondering and reflection.

He texted back “:) And it will be done by everyone lifting where they stand…” Lift where you stand…huh? I like that!

Too often it is common for us to attempt to shirk from our work or think “someone else is supposed to do that.” We think our call is too significant or not important enough, or fall into that old lie that we are not good enough to do our part. Or our pride gets in the way and we think we need to do ALL the lifting on our own and later become discouraged and give up.

We are called to lift where we stand, however, many of us ignore it or never respond to it for one reason or another.

So I ask: Are you answering your call?

Urgency is needed to do our part. I personally believe each and every one of us has a mission to live, a purpose to accomplish, a story to tell that is so vital and important not just for us personally, but for those around us and for the generations to come.

Our great freedom was not only bought for our pleasure but for our purpose!

Viktor Frankl explained that it is great that we have a statue of Liberty on the East Coast, now there needs be a Statue of Responsibility on the West Coast. Why? Because we are responsible to accomplish what Frankl called our “concert and specific task”–our mission, our purpose, our reason.

This is a statue called the Signers in Philadelphia. The caption at the base reads “The sculpture you see before you commemorates the courage of those who alter their lives and ours by affixing their name to these documents” (declaration of independence and Constitution). These signers lifted where they stood not alone but together and change the course of history. Lift where you stand and you will see nothing short of a miracle.

This is a statue called the Signers in Philadelphia. The caption at the base of it reads: “The sculpture you see before you commemorates the courage of those who alter their lives and ours by affixing their name to these documents” (Declaration of Independence & Constitution). These signers lifted where they stood not alone but together and changed the world.

Anyone that has heard the call to “lift where you stand” knows who that call came from, and knows that they are responsible to the Great Creator for the accomplishment of their personalized task.

We are once again in a time that Thomas Paine described by writing, “These are the times that try men’s souls” and we respond by answering our call.

So lift where you stand!

For the war cry is sounding for the legion of entrepreneurs and small businesses to stand and take their place. Why? Because our freedom depends on it.

There is a desperate need for personally driven education right now. Why? Because our nation needs independent thinkers.

The trumpet is sounding for people to stop following the crowd and to STAND up and lead. Why? Because too many are listening to the committee of “they.”

I believe people are not answering the call because they lack the skills not the will. People are being frozen by F.E.A.R. (false evidence appearing real). And others are falling into the common path of justification and rationalization.

Chris Brady wrote in his book Rascal: Making a Difference By Becoming an Original Character that to justify and rationalize is just that– “rational-lies” and “Just-if-I” had statements.

If you’ve been called and you have run away due to fear; I invite you to turn back now. If you have run so far from Nineveh and find yourself in the belly of a whale, I invite you come out now! Put down the video game controller and come on out and begin living. Begin living your mission. We need your support in the ranks of the Remnant.

Please respond to the War Cry! Answer it! Stop telling yourself rational lies and saying to yourself “Just-if-I” had ________ (Fill in the blank with money, a supportive spouse, a different location, a better upbringing, etc.) So you may be asking where do I begin? Simply, begin by doing.

The best way to overcome fear is by taking actions. Start reading great books, start listening to great speakers, start associating with those who have success and start gleaning the principles of success from them and aligning yourself with those principles.

To finish with Thomas Paine’s words

“…the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives everything its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated.”

Lift where you stand, for you are sorely needed in the battle to change the world.


3 thoughts on “Lift Where You Stand

  1. Brilliant! And Brilliantly simple!

    All too often I find myself at a loss of what I can actually DO to change my situation. Whether it be with my wife, my parents and siblings, or with money, with bills, with fun things I want, or with the road our nation is driving down due to massive debt and such.

    What you just laid out is so powerfully on the other side of complexity. Thank you for beautifully reminding me what on earth I can do to change.

    Read great books, listen to those with the results I want, and associate with those striving for their Dreams, and simply act. Lift where I stand. I absolutely agree, simply doing so will drive out fear. These are the only things that ever have!

    Thank you!

    • Thanks Ian! You hit it right on on the head. Let’s invite everyone to stop focusing on things out of control and influence and start lifting where we stand by servicing our families and friends. By using our time wisely to education ourselves to change ourselves; we need to start working on balancing our personal budget instead of complaining about Congress budget issues.

      Steven Palmer once wrote in his book Uncommon Sense “The reformation begins with me. As I change myself, it inspires others around me to change, spreading from my family, to my community, to my state, to my nation, and ultimately to the entire globe.” The Leadership Revolution has just begun!

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