A Life Worth Living

Victor Frankl, a psychiatrist and Nazi concentration camp survivor, advocated strongly against euthanasia (“the practice of intentionally ending a life in order to relieve pain and suffering”). He explained that when someone endorses this idea they are basically communicating that some situations are worth living for and others are not.

Frankl firmly believed and taught regardless of the situation, no matter how hard and dismal it may be, meaning can be found. In fact, it was this exact mind-set that allowed Frankl, to live 300% longer then the average person in a Nazi concentration camp.

It was this exact teaching that Frankl wrote about in his book Man’s Search for Meaning. In his book he states: “When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”

When we have the worldview that life is only worth something when it is full of sunshine and rainbows, we miss the valuable opportunity to grow beyond ourselves.

Furthermore, when we are dependent on external influences to determine the value of our existence we will mix up pleasure and happiness. We will be indulgent in pleasure seeking behaviors and become addicted to a myriad of things in an attempt to mask our emptiness.

Because meaning can found in any context, Orrin Woodward explained that, “There are not hopeless situations only hopeless people in a situation.” Thus, by choosing to accept the challenge “to change ourselves” and find inner hope regardless of the environmental conditions we will find a Life Worth Living.

Find a group of people that believe and live what Frankl taught, and you will find people that see stumbling blocks as stepping stones. People who are not afraid to dream and do not shrink from their God given mission, but strive to outdo their yesterdays with today to fulfill that mission.

You will see people full of passion and life. You will see excellence in action and you will feel like you are among greatness. You will see people that are bigger than their problems because they are part of something bigger then themselves.

Let us exemplify a life worth living that is perpetually thrilling.


1 thought on “A Life Worth Living

  1. Luke 22 and 23 came to mind as I read this. If “some situations are worth living for and others are not,” then it’s as if we’re playing god. We’re deciding what our mission is, what struggles we need, and to what extent they should go.

    If Jesus would not have trusted in Father and leaned on him through his sacrifice for all mankind, we would all be lost.

    I take strength and courage that we’re not in this alone, that God has all power, as Jesus informs Pilate, and knows what each individual’s Mission and life’s purpose is in order to bring as much of His flock into His fold.

    “Let us exemplify a life worth living that is perpetually thrilling.” I’m with you!

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