Abolishing Limiting Beliefs: Achieve The “Impossible”

From the beginning of our lives we learn a lot of things knowingly and unknowingly. What and how we learn influences our belief system and worldview. How our personal belief is shaped varies and is greatly influenced (but not determined) by our culture, family life, social groups, genetics etc.

In a way, this cultivation process basically develops and shapes the way we perceive ourselves, others, and the world.

Sadly, at times what we have learned and how we come to see ourselves is limiting. We hold these limiting beliefs as unalterable and accept them as fact when in reality we are capable of so much more than we initially believe or were taught we could do.

Still, people hold onto their beliefs as though they are etched in stone, unable or unwilling to see beyond their mortal viewpoint. Not to be too metaphysical, but what we see and understand with our senses is not all that there is to reality (that is blog in and of itself).

Many simply buy into their limiting belief system and see the influences of  environment, resources, genetics, wiring of their brain, etc. as determining factors. Thus doing little or nothing to stretch their perspective to grow beyond themselves.

I will be the first to admit I have fallen into the trap of accepting external influences as fact, and that there is nothing I nor anyone else can do about it.  But! I would also be the first to say that abolishing limiting beliefs is exhilarating!

So face your limiting beliefs head on and tell yourself the “Impossible” is possible. There are great movies and epic stories of great magnitude that have this theme:

It’s inspiring to hear stories of individuals who have dared to see beyond their personal limiting belief system and change. It is exciting to hear about those willing to see beyond their limiting beliefs or a cultural norm and how they changed the world.

flightLook at the Wright brothers! How absurd would it have been if years before their first flight someone had implied that machines would be able to carry 100s of people from New York to San Francisco in less then 6 hours through the air. “Impossible!” is what they would have said. “Never going to happen,” is what you would have heard. Yet here we are, living the impossible and seeing the impossible be possible simply because two brothers believed flight was possible.

There is a sense of liberty and empowerment when one goes beyond that which is believed to be impossible and accomplishes it—abolishing limiting beliefs!

You can research the other stories listed above yourself, but I am going to invite you to honestly evaluate yourself and abolish your own limiting beliefs!

Norman V. Peale once said “Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own power you can’t be successful or happy.”


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